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  Hurt Foot Fitness Program Guidelines

Hurt Foot Fitness Program Guidelines

I created this Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program to help you keep your body and mind fit while healing from a foot or lower leg injury. In order to heal properly you must be ready to make the commitment to be good to your body and take a proactive approach to doing everything you can to promote healing. This means making the commitment to follow your doctor’s recommendations, do all of your physical therapy exercises, listen to your body’s needs, eat a nutrient rich diet, invest in healing supplements, rest, and work on keeping your mind in a peaceful place. Before we get started, please take the time to read through these important guidelines.

Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program Guidelines:

  1. You must be cleared by your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any fitness program routine. The information, resources, and education in this Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program are not to replace the care of a doctor or medical professional. ALWAYS check with your doctor first and remember: when you are healing from an injury, HEALING needs to be your #1 priority. Once you’ve gotten the approval from your doctor, we can get moving!
  2. The Hurt Foot Fitness Program is self paced, you can move through the course content on your own schedule and according to your own recovery needs.
  3. The Hurt Foot Fitness Program is customizable and scalable. You will receive fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle information and I will guide you in learning how to make it work for you in healing.
  4. The Teachable app allows you to access all of your Hurt Foot Fitness workouts and course content anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to use so that you can learn on the go (even offline!). Download it here.
  5. Some of the Hurt Foot Fitness workouts require equipment, gym access, or a pool. Others don’t. You can pick and choose from the variety of exercise options based off of the equipment you have available to you. With over 100 workouts and exercise ideas, there is plenty for you to choose from to keep moving!
  6. By enrolling in the Hurt Foot Fitness Program, you are also invited to join the private Injury Recovery coaching facebook community. YOU CAN JOIN HERE. This is a community for individuals who want to change their recovery outcome for good. It's a positive community where you'll get motivation for moving forward and beyond your challenges. You'll get connected with other like-minded members, get recovery tips and everything is here for you with one goal: to help you create the successful recovery story you deserve. Share, celebrate, encourage others, and get support. This is a community help participants through the healing process. It will be carefully moderated. Any harassment, negativity, or toxic energy will not be tolerated.
  7. You will see incredible results if you combine the Hurt Foot Fitness program with a clean, healthy, diet that provides you with all of the nutrients you need to succeed. I will be providing information, resources, and tools for you to use to learn how to listen to what your body needs and eat well. It is up to you to make healthy choices and nourish yourself with quality foods. I trust that you will be fueling your body with foods that help you FEEL good and give you the power, strength, and energy to heal. Every individual is unique and this program does not include a specific nutritional plan, but rather guidelines and helpful nutrition resources to help you in choosing how to eat to fuel the healing process.Should you want a tool, you can use the livestrong my daily plate to track your nutrition throughout your healing process. This can help raise awareness to the quality of your diet and help you make more mindful food choices. The HFF community and facebook group is another excellent resource to share recipes, tips, tools, and nutrition information. Together we are healthier, stronger, and better! Use the community to share your journey and get the accountability you need to eat healthy and feel healthy.
  8. By enrolling in the Hurt Foot Fitness coaching program, you commit to listening to your body at ALL times. Everyone is different and some exercise options or lifestyle suggestions may not be right for you. This is an opportunity to learn about yourself, your body, and what YOU need to facilitate healing. I will provide you with a variety of quality resources and information to guide you through this process. If anything within this course hurts or puts your injury healing in jeopardy STOP. We don’t have time for you to get another injury! I am here to help you learn about how to listen to your body and honor what you need to do for optimal wellbeing.
  9. In the beginning, I recommend that you start SLOW with movement. Listen to how your body feels after each workout. Pace yourself. You want to progress in healing and it's essential to move mindfully through this process.
  10. It’s wise to set aside time to take this course so that you can get the most out of the information available to you. Schedule time per week to spend 30-60 minutes reviewing the content, planning out your workouts, planning out your nutrition, scheduling self care, etc. When you plan for success you can be your best. Allowing yourself time to take charge of your wellness will help you make the most of this program.
  11. You may be tempted to just do all of the workouts and skip the mental and spiritual self care exercises. Don’t. An injury puts a lot of stress on both your mental and physical health. Keeping these parts of yourself in good shape is essential to your success. DO THE WORK. This inner work may even feel harder than your workouts, but I guarantee you it will provide incredible self-healing results.
  12. Read and complete the “Before you get started” lecture in this course before you get started! Once you have successfully completed this material, you are ready to go!

Alright my friend, are you ready to take on the mental and physical challenges of injury with positivity and strength?! Recovering from an injury means focusing your training schedule and goals on healing and coming back stronger. Are you ready to heal your body and get stronger inside and out? If you are ready to commit to be good to yourself, this program will help you keep your body and mind in shape while you recover from your injury and return to 100% health. Let's get started.