Before You Get Started

In this program, you will not determine your success by the scale or by “how fast you heal”. There is no specific timeline for recovering from an injury and everyone’s journey moves at a different speed. You don’t win anything or earn a gold star. However, what I DO want you to earn is a deeper respect for your body and for yourself. I hope this course allows you to mindfully navigate the healing process and transform a negative situation into a positive. How will we measure your success? By taking the time to sit down and identify where you are NOW, where you want to go, and specific outcome results you are looking to fulfill by taking this course. Then we will work together to get you there.

You may be tempted to skip over this part of the course. DONT.

Taking the time to plan and prepare is essential to your success. It allows you to be intentional about WHERE you are going and WHY you are putting in all the effort. It allows you to be mindful about taking care of yourself. I know these exercises may seem tedious, but DO THE WORK. Putting the thinking, planning, and intentions behind your actions will allow you to get the most from this course and for yourself.

The attached vision and goal exercise sheet is to provide you with time to think about what you want from life, set formal goals for yourself, and help you mindfully navigate the healing process. Healing is a long journey and these exercises are powerful practices for motivating you to turn your ideal future into reality. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you want to concentrate your efforts.

Setting a vision and specific goals helps you choose how to handle this injury and direct your life positively.

We often think that healing is just dealing with the physical body. It’s not. It’s about addressing ALL of the areas in your life that feel out of balance or cause you stress. Sometimes healing from an injury means resolving other areas in your life that are causing pain so that you can create an optimal environment for healing.

The exercises in the below worksheet are designed to help guide you in defining, discovering, and designing your own vision for success and crafting a unique strategy for achieving your goals with lasting results. They can be re-used anytime as you and your goals change. Each exercise will help you cook up your own personalized recipe for healing success and set you up with a smart action plan to start moving forward. I will ask you to revisit this exercise at the end of our course to help you continue to grow and define goals you’d like to work towards.

DOWNLOAD the attached "Healing Vision Exercise" PDF. Print it out if it helps.

Record your results to this exercise in your journal, laptop, iphone, or make a vision board. You may want to keep your wellness vision somewhere you can see it on a daily basis or refer back to it often throughout the recovery process. Doing so will help you remember WHY you are putting in all of this time, energy, and effort in healing. It will help you stay committed to yourself even when healing gets tough.

Give yourself time and get to writing. BONUS: you can take photos of where you are now in your life, fitness, and wellbeing. We can re-take photos at the end of our course together. Tell me when you have completed the healing vision exercise and if it was helpful for you. If you have a goal (or goals!) you want to be held accountable for, leave them as a comment below or share in the Injury Recovery online support group. Letting other people know what you are working on helps fuel your success.

This may be the hardest part of the course for you. Dig deep. Feel all the feelings. Let yourself be honest with what you need and what you want in your life. This process is healing. I believe in you my friend.

Healing Vision Exercise (1).pdf