Week Three: Workout Schedule and Goals

Week Three: Fierce and Focused

Congrats on getting to week three of the Strong Body Beautiful Program! You are kicking major butt and I’m so proud of you for all of your hard work. This week I want to talk about obstacles and give you the strength to handle whatever life throws at you.

Obstacles can be obstructions to our goals or they can be challenges which force us to expand and grow. I prefer to think of them as challenges, although in the past I have sometimes seen them as obstructions. There have been times when certain situations seemed too large to handle and my goals got clouded. But I believe with the right mindset, anything is possible and everything is figureoutable. I’ve learned to transform my personal challenges into opportunities for personal transformation. It’s not alway easy (and yes there are occasionally tearful pity parties) but I’ve always found that the things that have challenged me the most have gifted me with incredible strength, insight, and health.

What obstacles are you facing? How can those seeming obstructions become challenges and perhaps a whole new opportunity? What steps can you take today to change your circumstances? I want to encourage you to TAKE ACTION and make something happen! Accept life’s challenges as new opportunities! I know you can do it! After all, you have already joined this program and begun to strength train, and, I’ll bet, feel stronger too. There ain’t NO stopping you now!

Here is your week three schedule and downloadable workouts. This week is about being fierce and focused so that you can take on any life obstacle with strength. I believe in you and know you can do it. Put on your game face and let’s get to work.

Week Three: Fierce and Focused

  1. Sunday:
    1. Goal set and action plan. Review the proposed workouts and schedule below. Look at your calendar: what days work best for you to schedule each workout? Which days of the week do you have more/less time? Then put your fingers to the keyboard and make workout appointments for yourself.
    2. Prepare for potential obstacles. This week is all about overcoming obstacles, in staying fierce and focused towards your goals. Look at the week ahead. Do you see any potential obstacles that could prevent you from being successful? What obstacles have stopped you from staying consistent with workouts in the past? For example: if you know you have an important work presentation on Tuesday that will require more preparation, it might be wise to move Mondays workout to Wednesday so that you have time to do your best on the work presentation and not be stressed. Or if you know you have more time on Thursday, it might be a good idea to schedule the longer strength workout for that day so you have enough time to move through the workout. You want to design your week to set yourself up for success. This allows you to reach your goals and feel good about it! Turn obstacles into stepping stones and plan your week of workouts well so you can succeed.
    3. Enjoy a long hike/walk, bike ride, or yoga class with a friend. Or check out a local fitness event - Sundays often have local 5K’s, charity events, urban hikes, yoga fundraisers, and more. It’s a great opportunity to get active and make a few new fitness friends who share your love of movement.
  2. Monday: 25 minute high intensity interval cardio. Monday’s workout is short and sweet - the perfect kick start to the week. This workout is a Fartlek style workout (I know the name is funny, I hope it makes you smile). In Swedish, Fartlek means “speed play.” This form of training combines steady state (continuous) training with speed intervals in an unstructured format that strengthens both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This is a spontaneous form of training that you can just go out and have fun with. Choose a cardio format that challenges you: bike, run, incline walk, stairs, rowing machine, etc. If you are using a machine and there are metrics to measure your pace and intensity, great! Use these as feedback to help you gauge your efforts in this workout. Warm up at a moderate pace for 8 minutes. Then work hard for 4 minutes, sprint for 20 seconds, go easy 1 minute, sprint 30 seconds, easy 1 minute, sprint 10 seconds, easy 1 minute, moderate for 5 minutes, all out for 1 minute. Follow this speed play with a 5-10 minute cooldown. The total workout should take about 25 minutes to complete and leave you on an incredible endorphin rush. Follow your cardio with this 6 minute post run stretch routine video or stretching/foam rolling on your own.
  3. Tuesday: Bread N’ Butter strength workout. I call this workout “Bread & Butter” because it’s a round-up of exercises that are staples in my fitness routine. This is a challenging strength workout that uses your entire body. You will need to pay close attention to form, focus, breathing, and getting the most out of every moment. I’m really excited that you get to do deadlifts - it’s a powerful exercise that works your entire body and gives you lean muscle definition (especially in your butt and abs!). Ive included video tutorial links in the content below, so make sure you take a few minutes to quickly review those before you train. Ready to get started? Download the Bread N’ Butter PDF, bring your game face, and let’s go!
  4. Wednesday: Rest or optional easy walk/swim/yoga. How is your body feeling today? What kind of movement sounds good? If you want a rest day, enjoy one! If your body craves a bit of “chill” movement go for it. Choose to spend some quality time doing whatever you need to do to feel refreshed and relaxed.
  5. Thursday: Walk + floor Barre Video or Pilates class. Chances are you are more sore today than you were yesterday. I want you to get your blood flowing and body moving with an easy walk and feel good pilates class. It might not sound like a great idea, but trust me: moving your body will help break up any soreness and help you move into Friday feeling fabulous. Try this floor barre video or sample a local pilates studio for a mat/reformer workout. (Sorry, Barre classes - like the ones where they stand in a squat a pulse for DAYS - are not a good choice today).
  6. Friday: 30-60 minutes aerobic cardio + foam roll. Choose your favorite cardio format and get moving! Swim, spin, walk, run, whatever makes you happy do it. And have fun :)
  7. Saturday: Kettlebell Basics strength workout. Get ready, because this kettlebell workout will torch tons of calories and strengthen your body from head to toe. This routine features basic kettlebell exercises that will play a powerful in your strength-training repertoire. This specific workout introduces you to essential kettlebell movements that you can integrate into any cardio or strength workout for more variety and challenge. Again, check out the video tutorials to be sure of your form so you can rock this workout. Grab your downloadable PDF and get ready to make the kettlebell your fitness friend!

You kicked BOOTY in Week Three and are halfway through the Strong Body Beautiful Program. This week you turned obstacles into opportunities for personal transformation. Way to be strong! You have made a commitment and taken action towards your goals - you have been consistent with exercise for three weeks. This program is no joke - it is challenging! Take a moment to acknowledge your efforts and celebrate your progress. You deserve to feel proud of yourself.

StrengthWorkoutBreadButter (1).pdf

Form Focus: The Deadlift

Form Focus: The Kettlebell Swing

Form Focus: Kettlebell Deadlift

Form Focus: Kettlebell Front Squat