Week Five: Workout Schedule and Goals

Week Five: Proud and Powerful

Whew!!! What an eventful program! Give yourself a big high five. You have just completed four challenging weeks of training. By far, one of the hardest aspects of integrating new behaviors into your life is becoming aware of and changing the old ones. Why? Because it really is easy to allow ourselves to do the same thing old day after day. Doing the same things without giving them a second thought allows us to be very lazy! We don’t have to think or make decisions, because the status quo seems safe and comfortable. Pretty soon we have developed a rut, with walls so high that even the idea of altering our routine is inconceivable. And often we are so deep in our own little world that it becomes impossible to see the possibility of change. Change takes thought, awareness, determination, and evaluation, all of which require us to be mentally and sometimes physically active. And that, as you have discovered in this program, is work! One of my friends has a saying I love, “ A workout is 75 percent determination and 25 percent perspiration.”

That is why you should always take time out to reward your efforts. Treat yourself to something you really enjoy - a little bit of luxury that reminds you of the fact that you are special. You deserve the best things in life, even if you can only afford such an item or activity once in awhile. Make an appointment to treat yourself to something this week. How about a manicure, pedicure, full body massage, or facial? If these items are too pricey for your budget, create a spa day at home. Apply a face mask, fill the tub with a bubble bath, light a candle for atmosphere and soak! Or invite a friend over and take turns manicuring and pedicuring each other’s hands and feet. Bring the spa home.

My favorite indulgence is a full-body massage! I love to have all of the tension released from every muscle by a capable professional. But sometimes the best massages are delivered at home from my yoga tune up therapy balls - I’ve taught myself to be a pretty incredible masseuse!

Whatever you decide to do, the point is to enjoy it. The rewards you reap today will only increase the positive outlook with which you will face tomorrow. Feel as if this is a week of renewal. As you begin to prepare for the next week, the new workouts and exercises you will try, and the new challenges you will conquer, remain assured in the success you have already experienced. You deserve to feel healthy, confident, energetic. Reward yourself! You are on your way!

Week Five: Proud and Powerful

  1. Sunday:
    1. Goal set and action plan. Time to break out the calendar and schedule in your workouts. What has been working well for you so far in making time for each workout? Do you have any tricks that help you follow through? I love to lay out my gym clothes the night before, so that they are ready to go the next day. I also make this breakfast ahead of time to save time in the morning. The easier you make it for yourself to make healthy choices the easier it is to be healthy!
    2. Optional : long walk, bike ride, hike, or yoga class
    3. 20 minute total body foam roll video or foam rolling on your own.
  2. Monday: Back Lunge BOOTYful. See your attached PDF for the Back Lunge BOOTYful workout and get excited because the barbell back lunge is one of my favorite ways to work the BUNS hun. We will warm up your core and hips before moving into a strong set of back lunges and deadlifts. It’s a heavy leg day and one that will help you develop lean, strong, powerful legs. Review the workout and what you will need before going to the gym. Questions? Ask away! I’m here to help you succeed.
  3. Tuesday: 30-60 minute aerobic cardio and core. Choose a cardio format you enjoy (running, swimming, spin class, boxing, Zumba, whatever makes your heart happy). Spend 30-60 minutes getting your heart rate up and working up a good sweat. Finish your cardio with this 10 minute 6 Pack Ab video routine or 10 minutes of core on your own. Follow your workout with some feel good foam rolling.
  4. Wednesday: Treat Yo Self! This week is a week of celebration and taking pride in what you have accomplished. Use today to schedule something to reward yourself for all of your hard work thus far in the program. Book a massage, go out to a nice meal with a good friend, turn your phone off and have an hour just to read in the bath - whatever sounds like a treat to you! Book this time in your calendar just as you would one of your workouts. Allow yourself to really enjoy it. Don’t rush. Soak, savor, experience! You deserve it.
  5. Thursday: Front Squat Fabulous Strength Workout. I’m so excited for you to experience front squats! Personally, front squats are one of the toughest squat variations for me. They challenge me in every way - mentally and physically. But overtime I have grown to love them, they make my entire body feel amazing! This front squat fabulous strength workout uses your entire body. You will need to pay close attention to form, focus, breathing, and getting the most out of every moment. Download your Front Squat Fabulous PDF and review the videos and instructions before you get started. You are going to love this workout… and it will make your butt feel fabulous.
  6. Friday: 16-26 minute cardio interval and foam rolling. Choose a form of cardio that challenges you: running, spinning, rowing, incline walking, elliptical. Move through of 5-10 minute warm up at a moderate pace to gear your body up for intervals. Then work through 4 rounds of: 30 seconds of all out effort followed by 1 minute of easy effort. Finish with 5-10 minutes at a steady state to bring your heart rate back down and find your breath. Depending on the length of your warm up and cool down, the entire cardio session will take between 16-26 minutes. Finish with 5-10 minutes of foam rolling (focus on your IT bands, lower back, and hips) or move through this knee massage and stretching video.
  7. Saturday: Rest or yoga/pilates class. This week is focused on rewarding yourself for your efforts in health with things that FEEL GOOD. What do you need to do today to feel refreshed, energized, grounded, and good in your body + mind? A yummy yoga class? A healthy brunch with friends? Going out for a movie? Or reading a book in the sunshine? Whatever calls you - do it and enjoy!

Week Five… DONE! I hope you feel proud and powerful within yourself after five weeks of consistent workouts and healthy lifestyle habits. As you approach the end of this program, take a moment to reflect back on your past experiences. What good things have come from the different challenges you have experienced? What changes do you notice in your body? In your mindset? In your relationship to yourself ? Share one thing you’ve learned about yourself in the comments below or in the SBB facebook group.

StrengthWorkoutFrontSquatFabulous (1).pdf

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