Putting It All Together: Healthy Eating for Life

You've learned through the Strong Body Beautiful program how to listen to your body and eat foods that fuel you. You've gained resources, knowledge, and tools that can help you prepare healthy meals and honor what your body needs to feel its best. The Strong Body Beautiful program is not a diet plan. There is no diet out there that can teach you what YOU need to feel your best in your life. The Strong Body Beautiful program is a GUIDE to give you what you need to define and discover healthy eating on your own terms. When you personalize your approach to eating well, you can find a diet that works with YOUR unique lifestyle, preferences, and goals. Having your own "diet plan" custom fit to you is the best way to stick with healthy eating long term. If you are tired of the yo-yo diet cycle, of the endless false promises, and rollercoaster ride of jumping from fad diet to fad diet, it's time for you to take things into your own hands. You are smart enough, capable enough, and skilled enough to create and follow your own Strong Body Beautiful diet. You can find a way of eating that fits for you and for your life. You can take ownership of your health and feel your best! I gave you my favorite tools for eating well in this program. Now it's up to you to go eat awesome. I BELIEVE IN YOU Strong Body Babe!

Why not start today? Clear the junk food out of your cabinets. Take the candy jar off your desk. Remove the temptation, and pick one habit or two to give your diet a healthy boost. Start making changes. The more drastic the change, the higher the possibility for drastic results but also the higher the likelihood that you’ll fail as soon as you hit a bump in the road. Balance these changes with your personality. You might stumble a few times before you find your stride or find a method that works for you. Failing or stumbling is okay, as long as you get back up and keep going towards your goals.

Your body wants you to eat well. Eating healthy foods makes you feel better and have more energy, along with reducing digestion problems and mood swings. As you have learned in this chapter, healthy eating doesn’t mean deprivation, tasteless, or time-consuming. It can be delicious, nourishing, and balanced with the foods you love. Eating for energy means eating clean, eating regularly, and eating light. Be moderate with alcohol, stay away from emotional eating, and move more. In a short time your days and nights will not only be filled but fulfilled.

Take action: Pick up your fork and eat something that gives you power. Share your healthy eating recipes, meals, menus, or resources in the SBB facebook community. Sharing is inspiring! I cant wait to see what you choose to fuel with that gives you energy and strength.